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Like several other churches in North Alabama, the leadership of Sylacauga First has chosen to enter a period of discernment regarding what and who God is calling our church to be. In early January the committee on nominations and leadership development assembled a discernment team who will pray, listen to God, listen to each other, and who will listen to members of our church family in an attempt to discern God’s call for Sylacauga First United Methodist Church.

Discernment Team

The discernment team members are listed here:

Jerry Fielding                                         Bonita Powell                                      

Tonya Henderson                                   Raymond Styres

Lynn Hodges                                          Carla Taylor

Beckham Jones                                       Crystal Walker

Dee Dee Mathews

Please make it point to keep these individuals and the entire team in your prayers as they navigate this process.

Meeting Dates

February 5th 4:00 pm

February 8th 5:30 pm

These will not be open meetings. The discernment team must engage in delicate and honest conversation, so a controlled environment free from additional distractions will serve them best as they do their work. However, please stop to pray for your discernment team during these specific dates and times. Even though your physical presence might not be in the room, the spiritual uplifting of these team members is sure to be felt and appreciated.

Contact Information

If you have questions, comments, or input you may contact any member of the discernment team, or you may email the team at

Video Session Feb. 1st, 6:00 pm

Please join us Wednesday, February 1st @ 6pm in the sanctuary as we view video #2 (Our Differences Regarding the Bible) & video #5 (Why it’s Time for Traditionalists to Leave) from Rob Renfroe, as well as the rebuttal videos (Love of Scripture & A Future with Hope) from Adam Hamilton. The viewing of these videos is not intended to change anyone’s mind or incite frustration. The intent is to offer alternate viewpoints that might otherwise go unheard if we fail to venture beyond our typical circles of influence and information.

Prayer Vigil

“Lord, we thank you for many in ministry at First United Methodist Church Sylacauga, we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us into the future and give us the boldness to follow you. In your name we pray Lord Jesus, Amen.”

Through the spiritual discipline of keeping vigil, we hope to accomplish: an encounter with the living God, an increased sensitivity to his presence in our lives and in our church, and a better understanding of who we are individually and collectively.

Are you willing to commit one hour to pray fervently for WHOLENESS AND PEACE FOR OUR LEADERS, PASTOR, AND MEMBERS during these next 6 weeks?  We will be in prayer during worship, Sunday school, committee meetings, and other church activities. Please sign up in the church office for a one-hour commitment to be physically in the prayer chapel. Resources are provided for intentional prayer. We need you!


Update 1/29

Team Questions & Answers

Paragraph 2553

2019 General Conference Homosexuality


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